Digital Nomads

Working at a luxurious ocean front villa or at a coworking space overlooking the mountainous terrain — that’s where you’ll find them. The digital nomads that is. They work in the remote paradises for the wandering professionals, only requiring a computer, Wifi, and a good view. They have the ability to call every nation their home and make the “untouched” places all the more extinct. They do not exist solely in the world, but of the world — making it their playground, office, and livelihood.

Digital nomads tend to lead a life envied by a majority of the world’s population. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be location independent and have the ability to travel 365 days a year? But that jealous spite has become unimportant in our modern day. With the number of remote jobs and careers increasing, our dreams are starting to be pursued. We are taking the necessary steps to become fully remote professionals and live a vibrant and travel minded career. We no longer need to be our own boss to say when we can and can’t travel.

Digital Nomads

To be a digital nomad means to be free.

As humans, it is only natural for us to seek all possible freedoms. And what could be more free than being a digital nomad? We get to choose what we do for work, where we work, and why we work. Digital nomads get to build walls and take them down , by setting boundaries in their work and personal life. They create their own past, present, and future.

Digital nomads break the mold

As humans we tend to be bombarded with what our lives should look like and what is expected of us. We get corporate jobs so that we can have good-looking resumes that make us seem more professional than we actually are. And we work 15 extra hours a week just to impress our bosses and hopefully get a raise.

At some point in life, this overwhelming feeling of needing to fit in catches up to you. You have to let go of what you think should be happening and live in what is happening.

Digital nomads break this mold. The “status quo” per se: that we should be doing something greater. Being a digital nomad doesn’t mean giving up success, it means finding success while also exploring happiness. It’s the correlation of these two things that cause us to be the most successful.

Digital Nomads

This is a revolution. A revolution against the ordinary. A revolution against comfort. And most importantly, a revolution against the constant denial of our dreams.

Being remote doesn’t dictate our lives. It simply lets us live them more intentionally. We can focus on what is important to us, live in pursuit of unending adventures, and find joy in the unknown.

Digital Nomads

This is the rise of the digital nomad. After the start of a revolution there is no turning back.

#theremoterevolution ? We are the remote revolution! Let’s get this trend started.


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