Remote VP Engineering at Aula (allows remote)

Posted 3 months ago

This job offer has expired

Job Description


What: Take the lead on ‘people and process’ as we scale our remote engineering team from 10 to 50 engineers and beyond - goal-setting, sprint planning, remote work culture, team structure, recruitment, personal development, diversity and inclusion.

Why: Building core infrastructure in education that fosters community requires close-knit collaboration between mission-driven builders from all over the world.

Who: A caring manager (25+ people) who deeply understands dev processes and has worked in a remote environment.

The tools you’ll use: Empathy, thoughtfulness and a structured mind.

What is Aula: Remote-first 25-person startup (from 11 nationalities!) building digital campuses for universities - think 'Slack for education'. We recently raised $4.2m.

About you ‍‍

Traits we value:

  • Collaborative spirit: team above ego.

  • Curiosity: excited about exploring and learning.

  • Mission-driven: you care deeply about building great products that affect people’s lives.

  • Empathy.

  • Excitement about contributing to OSS projects.

  • Preaching modern technology and patterns.

Experience we value:

  • You have managed a team of 25+ people (and really enjoyed it!)

  • You have been in startup environments.

  • You have a deep understanding of dev processes (git flow, task management amongst devs, code management, technical debt, refactoring)

  • You have built teams before - recruitment and onboarding.

  • You have managed distributed teams.

The role

Take the lead on people and process to turn the engineering team into the most productive and creative in the world as we grow from 10 to 50 engineers and beyond.

In practice that means:


  • Help define and execute engineering and company-wide OKR’s

  • Help improve the processes around planning and sprints

  • Help to set a vision and processes for testing and documentation

  • Help to create a development process that produces dependable/reliable code in a predictable manner

  • Work closely with our product managers (right now that’s just our co-founder Adrian) and our CTO, Oliver, to define technical and product roadmaps.


  • Build out the Aula-equivalent of Spotify’s Squad framework. Currently, we’re structured this way.

  • Strengthen our culture of trust and collaboration between engineers and teams across multiple time zones.

  • Scale a diverse, world-class remote-first engineering team alongside our People Operations team on recruitment.

  • Iterate on our model for personal development (some investors wrote about it).

  • Lead, mentor and coach a mix of new and seasoned engineering managers running widely distributed teams.

Technical skills

Ideally, your skillset and interests would be split between ‘management’ and ‘technical work’ in a ratio of around 7:3.

You’ll be involved with:

  • Supporting tech leads in developing and deploying top quality software

  • Be part of the decision making around the product and technical roadmap based on the inputs you gather from the engineering team

  • Allocate software and technical resources to increase team productivity

About us

Aula is a communication platform for education.

Think ‘Slack for education’: consumer tech on the front-end yet complex infrastructure on the back-end.

We’ve built Aula because we believe digital learning infrastructure should encourage community and participation-based learning.

See what one of our early adopters think of Aula here.

Our team

We’re a diverse bunch of people from all over the world (Denmark, Philippines, France, Albania, Georgia, Pakistan, Sweden, India, UK and US) that care deeply about making educational experiences more engaging.

Our engineers have previously lead teams that have built things like the Georgian version of Youtube ( with 2.5 million monthly unique viewers) and a novel way to share and view 3D medical images (TissueStack).

You’ll have regular one-on-ones, set your own personal development targets to develop you both as an engineer and a leader, and occasionally jump on a video call and share a ‘remote meal’ while a team member speaks about a topic they care about.

Our tech stack

We’ve explained our stack in detail in this blog post, but here’s a quick overview of what we’re building with:

  • React (and React Native)

  • Microservices backends with Node.js and AWS

  • Docker

  • ES6/7 Javascript

  • Mongo, Redis and others dbs

Look forward to hearing from you,

The Aula team

Posted: 05 December, 2018