Systems & Applications developer at Moonshot CVE (allows remote)

Posted 3 months ago

This job offer has expired

Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity across a broad variety of technologies, including Go, Python, PHP, Linux systems and Open Source technologies. Building data centric services around Redis, PostgreSQL and AWS Aurora. Developing desktop applications using Ubuntu and GTK+, Server systems, and application infrastructure using Ubuntu Server and AWS services, including databases, APi's and Web applications.

As a critical part of the technology team, you will develop the tooling required to support our Analysts and Data Scientists in their day to day work. You will be building data harvesting, mining and analysis tools with both GTK+ interfaces for use on the Ubuntu desktop, and Web based applications driven via both RESTful APi and Web UI interfaces, often embedding these within our GTK+ Applications.

You will be primarily working remotely in the GMT timezone, utilising #Slack and Google Meetups / Hangouts. You will be task driven, operating in an agile scrum environment, with daily stand ups, Backlog and Release meetings conducted via Video Conference. You will be expected to make accurate story point estimates for sprint kanban items, and you will be measured on your ability to deliver against them.

Our environment is largely green field, providing a fantastic opportunity to be involved in the architecture, methodologies, development tools, and tool chain (CI/CD) etc. We embrace and engage with the Open Source development philosophy, and we focus on utilising and extending open source applications, libraries and tools where ever possible.

Requirements :

Proven experience working on projects in Go, Python and PHP
Proven experience working on Open Source projects (GitHub, Launchpad)
Strong Experience with Ubuntu Linux, both desktop and server
Experience with GTK+ Development using Go, Python, or C++
Experience with JavaScript/HTML/CSS and web application development
Experience of both Procedural/ Functional, and Object Oriented programming techniques
Experience with JetBrains IDE toolsets and debuggers
Experience using Git and GitFlow
Ability to produce high quality work under pressure and to deadlines
Excellent organisational and interpersonal skills
Willingness to work as part of a team and support colleagues
A commitment to Moonshot CVE’s mission and ethos
A desire to learn about violent extremism and different methods for countering it
Ability to communicate technical information to staff without technical expertise
Eligible to work in the UK

Beneficial qualifications and skills :

Familiarity with server-side web development frameworks (GoBuffalo, Flask, Django, Laravel, Code Ignitor, Phalcon)
Experience deploying software applications on AWS, including Serveless Microservices usng lambda
Experience of data gathering through the use of external APIs and web scraping techniques
Familiarity with AWS
Familiarity with Docker
Familiarity with statistics, data mining and machine learning techniques
Google AdWords, Paid Search or Online Marketing
Language skills (Arabic, French and German particularly relevant)
Experience working with a startup
Experience working within an environment where security consciousness and risk management are part of the organisational culture

Posted: 05 December, 2018