Postdoctoral Research Associate in Geospatial Computing

Oak Ridge National Lab

Posted 3 months ago

This job offer has expired

Job Description

The National Securities Emerging Technologies Division in the National Security Sciences Directorate at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate who will advance their scientific expertise and software engineering to several collaborative research and development projects that span a wide variety of scientific domains, applications, delivery platforms, programming languages, and hardware and software architectures. The candidate must be comfortable working as part of a tightly integrated team and must be capable of supporting multiple projects simultaneously.

As part of our research team, you will apply your innovative computer science background toward geospatial applications, contributing from research to deployed solutions in an agile processing framework, and provide insight into the direction of a fast-paced, rewarding research program.


  • Development of applications geared toward photogrammetry, computer vision, geomatics, image science, remote sensing, and geospatial research projects.

  • Work with researchers, as well as internal and external project sponsors, to capture, understand, integrate, and implement their requirements in developed software.

  • Develop software that enables scalable and high-performance data generation, analysis, and distribution across desktop, mobile, and enterprise systems.

  • You will collaborate with a highly diverse and multidisciplinary team – from geographers, mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and engineers- in research, development, integration, testing, and deployment.

  • Conduct research and report results in open literature journals, technical reports, and at relevant conferences.


  • A PhD in photogrammetry, image science, remote sensing, geomatics, civil engineering, geography, geographic information science, computer science or computer engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, natural sciences or a related discipline completed within the last five years.

  • At least 2 years of experience developing software related to a field involving geospatial data.


  • An excellent record of productive and creative research as demonstrated by publications in peer-reviewed journals.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to communicate in English to a scientific audience.

  • Motivated self-starter with the ability to work independently and to participate creatively in collaborative and frequently interacting teams of researchers.

  • Ability to function well in a fast-paced research environment, set priorities to accomplish multiple tasks within deadlines, and adapt to ever changing needs.

  • Past hands-on involvement in significant photogrammetry, computer vision, geomatics, image science, remote sensing, or geospatial research projects.

  • Experience with building desktop, web-based, and server-side applications.

  • Direct experience with software development best practices including, but not limited to: Agile development; version control using Git/GitFlow or similar system; and project management via systems like JIRA, Asana, TeamPulse, etc.

  • Experience with Linux and Windows operating systems is preferred, experience with OS X is desired. The ability to work from the command line is preferred.

  • Experience with the following languages: C/C++, Python, R, Julia, C#, Java.

  • Experience with geospatial file formats and interoperability standards (e.g., NITF, JPEG2000, LAS, SICD, MISB, OGC web services).

  • Experience with parallel and distributed computing architectures including OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, OpenACC, OpenCL, and Apache Hadoop is desired.

  • Experience with commercial and open source geospatial applications and libraries is desired. Examples include: ArcGIS, GRASS, QGIS, GDAL, Proj.4, Theia, and Ceres Solver.

  • Experience with open source spatial database technologies (PostgreSQL and PostGIS) is preferred.

  • Experience with NoSQL, in-memory, and graph databases is desired.

Applicants cannot have received their Ph.D. more than five years prior to the date of application and must complete all degree requirements before starting their appointment. The appointment length will be up to 24 months with the potential for extension. Initial appointments and extensions are subject to performance and availability of funding.

Posted: 05 December, 2018