Python Engineer, API Integrations


Posted 4 weeks ago

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Job Description

Do you have fun doing what others say can’t be done?
We do.

Big fan of PEP8?
We are.

Love building awesomeness?
It’s not a job. It’s who we are.

They said prove it. So we do.
In a dimly lit hacker space in Chandler AZ the solution was born, when 2 friends met and decided to build the competitive advantage. Today, that same software is on its 6th major product release and is considered the secret weapon in hiring by Recruiters at companies like Tesla, Nike, Netflix and HiringSolved (me!).
Any company looking to find the people who believe in their mission and have the skills to move the needle, and hire them FAST, will know the name HiringSolved.

SEEKING API INTEGRATIONS ENGINEER <<<<<< with razor sharp skills in Python - to start ASAP on this journey with us!

We are looking for full-stack software engineer with a strong mix of practical and theoretical knowledge on our tech stack to work on integration projects start-to-finish; consuming API’s and coding up solutions on the backend.

Python, Flask, Javascript, React, MongoDB, REST, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes, Linux +++

from our Co-Founder/CEO and visionary..
Our company is growing and changing fast. So hiring for an Integration Engineer isn't really just hiring someone who can do integration work. We are looking to hire engineers who can grow and change fast with us. The people we hire are…

  1. Capable of learning our tech stack and getting up to speed fast; adaptable to quick changes in a high volume data volume, live code environment.

  2. Always improving, learning, growing, need-to-be knowing.

  3. Have 'engineering tendencies’ and by that I mean they want to know how things work, just because.

Be a part of the technology revolution.
Build the solution.
Use data for good, not evil.
Advance the human race

Work with people you respect, like and learn from.
Do work that’s meaningful, and work on something bigger than yourself with other people who share the same values and principles.

Train a machine to learn!
Apply machine learning to extract rich meaning from copious amounts of juicy data.

+++ Competitive salary.
+++ Equity options at 90.
+++ 100% remote work with flexible schedules and unlimited PTO.
+++ Travel to user confs as a team. PyCon here we come !!!
+++ Collaborative culture that fosters professional learning and personal growth.

Join us.
The underdogs on a mission.
Do the impossible with the team that's unstoppable.
Data for good. Solutions for all. We are team HiringSolved.

Do you accept the challenge?

Posted: 29 December, 2018