Computing Engineer (IT-CM-LCS-2019-6-LD)


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Job Description

Would you like to use your skills to take an active role in the smooth running of the Compute intensive services for CERN? Would you like to contribute to the infrastructure and analysis of the data from the LHC and other experiments? CERN, take part!

You will join:

  • The Compute and Monitoring (CM) Group which provides Compute resources, schedulers and tools to support efficient usage of over 300,000 computing cores at the CERN data centres. 

  • The Linux and Configuration Services Section (LCS), responsible for providing Linux Operating System Engineering level Expertise, Configuration Management Services, Interactive Logon Services and Distributed multitenant-capable full-text search engine infrastructure based on ElasticSearch for CERN users and Service Managers.

More information on the IT Department can be found at:


As a Computing Engineer in the IT-CM Group, you will maintain and evolve the CERN compute services across a wide range of technologies needed to support Large Installation System Administration, which includes Configuration Management solutions, Linux Operating System internals and Remote Installation systems, Search Engine Services, as well as Interactive Logon Services used by a large (+20000) user Community.

Your main activities will consist of:

  • Advice and solution design for our users and the LHC experiments' staff in the setup of computing services according to established configuration and installation services and CERN Compute services.

  • Automation using Agile/DevOps tools such as Puppet to support running IT services.

  • Daily management of the services which includes providing engineering level expertise, deployment of software packages, performance and availability monitoring and computing security.

  • Contributing developments to Open Source communities such as Puppet, Linux and OpenStack.

  • Coordination of major deployments such as new releases of software and operating systems.

  • Definition, documentation and implementation of procedures following the ITIL recommendations.

  • Close collaboration with other IT groups, departments and physics experiments at CERN.

Posted: 12 February, 2019