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We're looking for a support engineer to help us provide great technical support to our customers around the world. We are a fully remote team and are looking for someone based in a European timezone.

Our product Tower helps over 100,000 users in companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to easily & productively work with the Git version control system. 

Providing helpful & qualified customer support is an important part of our own aspiration. With Tower being a software development tool, customer questions are mostly technical. Therefore, we're looking for someone with a background in software development to help our customers with their technical questions on Git and version control.
You'll work closely with our software engineers and be part of a friendly, open, and reliable team of professionals.


  • you'll provide support to our customers and prospective customers via our ticketing system (no phone or chat support)

  • you accept accountability for providing a fast, high-quality, and helpful support experience for our customers (and improve our process where possible)

  • questions range from simple sales and billing issues to bug reports and complex technical problems with Git and web app setups

  • you'll document issues and communicate with our engineering teams in search for solutions to our customers' problems

  • you're happy to help our engineering team with testing and QA

  • you can deal with our product management saying "no" to many feature requests and fixes because you understand that, as a small team, our resources are painfully limited

  • optional: in case you are proficient with PHP / CSS3 / JS, you might also want to help us develop and maintain our many web projects (the Tower website and blog, our learning platform, the Tower online documentation...)


  • 3+ years background in web / software development

  • Fluent in English with excellent writing / grammar skills

  • Advanced knowledge of Git and version control

  • Experience writing bug reports or other technical documents

  • Experience on both macOS and Windows

  • You love to help people with technical / dev problems

  • You are a good and mindful communicator


  • very reliable & thorough: you accept responsibility for your own work and its quality

  • hungry to be part of a team that creates things that matter

  • self-motivated and capable of working from home

  • open to discussions and a mindful communicator

  • willing to be part of a team & yet able to work independently

  • paying attention to details

  • open-minded and respectful – regarding people, technologies and projects

  • happy to become part of a small team of friendly & skilled professionals

About Tower & fournova

We are a small, fully remote software company based in Germany. Founded in 2010, we set out to make Git’s powerful feature set accessible to developers, designers, and non-technical people.

Today, our software Tower is the best Git client for Mac and Windows and is used by over 100,000 customers - from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

We know we can achieve great goals only with the help of our peers. And at fournova, we are blessed to work in a team of extraordinary people.
 We’re not looking for someone to do the job. We’re looking for someone to join the team.

Values at fournova

We are a team driven by values. Not the ones that look nice on a poster, but ones that are truly and honestly lived.

  • TRUST - We believe our colleagues make good & fair decisions.
 For example when they take as many vacation days as they need (there's no maximum number of holidays, but a minimum of 24 days). Or when they handle company money responsibly (you can make any purchases without asking for permission). We don't control or micro-manage people.

  • RELIABILITY - At fournova, you're allowed to make any decision.
 Even if it's outside of your typical scope of duty. As a consequence, however, you also have to accept responsibility. We rely on our teammates to do their very best work.

  • RESPECT - We have a deep and sincere respect for each other.
 Both on a professional and on a personal level. We know we can achieve great goals only with the help of our peers.

  • HUMILITY - We do what's best for the team.
 This shows when you're supporting a team decision even if you'd prefer something else. And this shows when making profits: we donate 10% to a good cause every year.

  • HEALTH - We require everyone to give 100%.
 But not more than that! Working long hours or weekends is rarely seen at fournova. If you want, you can even choose to work only a 4-day week. We encourage you to pursue a life beyond work!

  • PRAGMATISM - We concentrate on the tasks that matter.
 Many things at fournova could be improved. But reality limits our time and energy in a painful way. To get meaningful work done, we need to live with countless little annoyances and concentrate on the things that bring us forward.

  • GROWTH - All of us have a strong desire to grow.
 And fournova wants to help you achieve this. On the professional and on the personal, human level.

  • REMOTE WORK - We are strong believers in freedom & flexibility. Therefore, you can work from wherever you want. In order to keep in touch, however, we meet in person at least once every quarter: for our "General Assemblies" in Frankfurt or Berlin, and for our great team retreats in places like Corsica or Barcelona.

Is this a culture that resonates with you? Can you contribute something to make fournova even better? Yes and yes? Then please get in touch with us!

Posted: 27 July, 2018

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