Remote Senior Software Engineer



Job Description

Join a small close-knit virtual team. Live/work anywhere. Flexible and transparent comp. Build tools that help people achieve better health status (and pay less for healthcare / prevent chronic diseases).

Our stack:

ruby, rails, javascript, typescript, react, mongo, postgres, thrift

What we are looking for:

This is a senior level position working broadly across our entire technical stack and operation, from back end feature design and implementation, to front end UI development, to deployment and infrastructure tooling. As an early hire, you will have a great opportunity to grow with the company.

What is important to us:

Do you not only want to see a problem done, but see it done cleanly in a way that makes you proud? Do you appreciate elegance, but despise implicitness and magic? Is code and system design something you like to really think about before tackling a problem? Do you like to discuss architecture with other engineers who care deeply about the quality of their code? Are you interested in the benefits of strong static type systems and functional programming, and how these concepts can help improve code in dynamic languages? If this resonates with you, please get in touch!

More about the product and company:

1bios is a health management platform that supports payers and providers in the shift towards value-based care. We help our customers lower healthcare costs with tools that make it more efficient to monitor, support and reward the best health of large populations. This includes appropriate programs for people across the health continuum with a focus on making it simple, relevant, and rewarding for end-users to participate.

Our products help you deploy population health management and user engagement programs at scale. Key capabilities include:

  • modern consumer mobile-first communications and portal/app

  • standard and custom health risk assessments and biometric screenings

  • 150+ wearable and medical device integrations

  • web-based query and on-demand report building engine

  • telehealth coaching and care management toolset

  • challenges, care plans, goals and other engagement modules

  • e-mail, text and HIPAA secure chat capability

  • behavioral economics/social/incentives/awards

Posted: 28 July, 2018

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