Azure DevOps Engineer (Senior, On-Site - Chicago) at TopDevz (allows remote)

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Job Description

The qualified Azure DevOps Engineer must be very passionate about infrastructure as code.  This person will work and interface with multiple teams to automate their needs and requirements, as well as maintain the overall infrastructure and configuration of the Cloud Environment through Automation.  The selected candidate will have the ability to think out-of-the-box and identify improvement opportunities with the Environment.   The Azure DevOps Engineer will also work with tools and APIs of different software our Customer has in place and will look to leverage and setup direct automation with those tools (i.e., interfacing with Azure DevOps virtual workloads and various other tools and infrastructure components).


Azure DevOps Engineer will be responsible for:

  • All Cloud Initiatives the company is looking to implement or integrate to in the future 

  • Automating Building of Application code using Build Pipeline in Azure DevOps (formerly TFS)

  • Automating Deployment of Application Code using tools Like Octopus Deploy

  • Implement Infrastructure As Code for the Cloud, using Automation Tools like ServiceNow Orchestration and Octopus

  • Support all Cloud Resources in Azure

  • Troubleshoot Applications and Infrastructure resources hosted in Azure

Purpose of this role is to:

  • Expert level in automation engineering with previous experience to help drive automation adoption and implement it across the enterprise

  • Assist in mentoring the DevOps team on Automation

  • Implement new automation code for server, applications, configurations and Cloud Management

  • Use source control for managing infrastructure as code

  • Work on Integration via Automation with different applications to accomplish tasks

  • Setup orchestration workflows that use Automation for Infrastructure

Posted: 15 August, 2019