Sr. DevOps Engineer (REMOTE) at Experian (allows remote)

Job Description

Clarity Services, a part of Experian, is a credit bureau that provides reporting on near-prime, non-prime and subprime consumers. We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join the software engineering team. This is a position that can be done virtually from a home office. We are building out development infrastructure, automation, and AWS integration. This is the first dedicated position for this work and the person will be critical in steering the direction of these projects.

We have about two terabytes of data in MySQL and MongoDB. We use Rails on JRuby to run over a million transactions for our customers every day. Our typical response times are 1-2 seconds for a basket of products and we maintain uptimes north of 99.99%.

Our environment:
* Ruby on Rails currently at 4.2, moving to 5.1
* Git/GitHub repository, Jira for ticket tracking/scrum sprints and GitHub for code reviews.
* 1:1 test coverage for most of the codebase and 2:1 for prime areas. Work closely with QA team.
* Mac laptops provided for development
* Jenkins for continuous integration, deploy to dual hot data centers

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience maintaining 99.99% availability with large production environments

  • Working knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases like MySQL and MongoDB

  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or similar infrastructure automation tool

  • Experience with Docker

  • Experience with Amazon Web Services

  • Able to lead on some difficult projects and work as a team partner on others

  • Available for escalated outage response 24x7 because you are responsible for your code

  • Empathy for consumers, teammates, business owners, and other stakeholders

  • Love working as part of a team and continuously strive for self-improvement

Posted: 06 August, 2018

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